La Haute ville A Madonetta HôtelLa Haute ville A Madonetta HôtelLa Haute ville A Madonetta Hôtel

The High Town

The old town of Bonifacio offers a maze of cobbled alleys. Perched on a rocky promontory of white limestone, it is unique.
Narrow streets, high houses, steep stairs, vestiges of the old removable ladders that protected against the invaders. A true medieval city, considered as an impregnable fortress rich in monuments and history.
While the whole town has this history scent, some monuments testify directly to the defensive aspect of this city, which was so coveted for its strategic location. It is of course the two kilometers of fortifications and in particular the gate of Genoa. The only entrance of Bonifacio until the 19th century, it was fitted with a drawbridge in 1598, with a counterweight opening system that can still be seen today.
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